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Global Property

About Us

JLP Asset Management

JLP is a global real estate investment manager. Headquartered in New York with offices in Amsterdam, São Paulo and Singapore, JLP leverages its deep research capabilities globally to source and underwrite what we consider to be the best opportunities across geographies and sectors

Our Vision

Be the leading investment manager in global real estate, identifying opportunities to provide our clients with the best available long-term returns*

* There may be better opportunities than those that JLP was able to identify

Cycle-Tested Track Record

Seasoned Team with 21 years of consistent performance and +16 years working together

Global Presence

Deep research capabilities globally with local teams well positioned to source and underwrite markets and investments

Client Oriented

Deep and long-lasting relationships with investors seeking to deliver consistent returns with a well-balanced risk

Distinctive Investment Approach

Fundamental bottom-up analysis with a long-term horizon and high conviction portfolios with investment opportunities not available in index funds

About Us

Our Principles


Real estate market specialist in all sectors and regions globally


Years of experience and disciplined investment process

Client Oriented

Institutional platform with consistent performance and innovative ideas


Local teams with global view of trends and new opportunities


Engagement to quality and high ethical standards

Access to the global real
estate public market








Return on the
last 30 years

(FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs Index)

Market Overview

Global real estate investment is a truly local business and highly inefficient, providing opportunities for those who make the effort to understand the market and its nuances

Large and diversified addressable market

Real estate securities is a US$4.5 trillion global market
(source: LaSalle)

Global market with multiple property sectors and regions

Strong corporate governance

Invested companies with high quality experienced management teams

Arbitrage opportunities in a high dispersion environment

Real estate securities real-time pricing offers great opportunities for active long-term investment managers to arbitrage short-term volatility

We seek to exploit mispricing to invest in premium assets at attractive valuations

Highly attractive entry point fostered by high dispersion, interest rate spreads, and private market dry powder

Valuable diversification benefits to a portfolio

Real estate securities are among the best performing asset classes over the long run

Moderate to low correlation with equities and bonds

Lower volatility than government bonds over the past five years

Generally superior dividend yields to other equities
(sources: CEM Benchmarking and Nareit)

Real estate with liquidity and diversification

Real estate securities allow for quicker market entry/exit than private real estate

High diversification options without committing to high levels of capital as in the case of direct real estate

Outperformed private real estate by 619 bps per year in the long-run
(source: Nareit)

Our Approach


High conviction, concentrated portfolios

Benchmark agnostic stock selection

Deep bottom-up fundamental analysis intended to uncover mispricing

Emphasis on rent growers not just rent collectors

Long investment horizon and liquidity

Our team


JLP’s senior team has worked together nearly 20 years, with responsibilities for research, portfolio management, operations, marketing and investor relations.

JLP believes the experience level of the team ranks among the highest of its peers with 4 portfolio managers averaging over 28 years’ experience and 7 senior analysts averaging over 15 years’ experience, focused exclusively on global real estate securities markets and companies.

Jim Rehlaender

CEO, Chairman of the Global Investment Committee & Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Rehlaender has 40 years’ experience in the real estate industry including over 25 years managing global real estate securities portfolios.

Fabio Bergamo


Mr. Bergamo has over 15 of experience in Finance, Management and real estate in the UK, USA and Brazil. Mr. Bergamo is responsible for overseeing Marketing, Investor Relations, Operations, and Business Development for the firm.

Amanda Black

Portfolio Manager for North America

Ms. Black has over 22 years of real estate securities experience and is responsible for all North American investments for the Investment Manager.

Yvo Timmermans

Portfolio Manager for Europe

Mr. Timmermans has over 16 years of real estate research and investment experience in Europe and Asia. Mr. Timmermans is responsible for managing the EMEA and LATAM investments for the firm.

Suang Eng Tsan

Portfolio Manager for Asia

Ms. Tsan has over 34 years of global real estate research and investment experience, including 15 years managing real estate securities portfolios with a focus on the Asia market. Ms. Tsan is responsible for managing the Asia investments for the firm.