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Global Real Estate investment is a truly local business and highly inefficient, providing opportunities for those who make the effort to understand the market and its nuances

Large and diversified addressable market

Real Estate securities is a US$4.5 trillion global market (LaSalle Investment Management)

Global market with multiple property sectors and regions

High corporate governance standards

Best talent in the industry

Arbitrage opportunities in a high dispersion environment

Real Estate securities real-time pricing offers great opportunities for active long-term investment managers

Arbitrage short-term volatility

Exploit mispricings to invest in premium assets at attractive valuations

Valuable diversification benefits to a portfolio

Real Estate securities had, over the long run, the 2nd highest return of all asset classes

It has a low correlation with equities and bonds

Presented the highest non-fixed income risk adjusted return

It distributed higher dividend yields versus equities

Real Estate with liquidity and greater diversification

Real Estate securities allow for quicker market entry/exit

High diversification options without committing to high levels of capital such as in direct Real Estate

Outperformed private Real Estate by 619 bps per year in the long-run
(fonte: Nareit)


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